Dear Friends,                                        January 2017                                             

This year we had to say goodbye to some of our lovely palm trees: Sadly, a lethal beetle is recently ravaging thousands of trees around the Mediterranean. Our trees didn't survive despite intensive efforts. The stumps of some continue to serve as pedestals for colourful flower pots; others made space for a couple of new slow-growing oak trees – may they patiently reach old age   




    In the spring, a new baby girl, Mila, was born to Levy family, and in the autumn a new lady villager – Or (meaning 'light' in Hebrew) - joined the Korenfeld house, thereby bringing our 7 houses villager population to its full capacity. In order to reach the licensed number of 60 villagers we would need to open an eighth house, and that depends on a suitable young family who would choose to join us… our present living-in population 35 years after the inauguration of the first 3 houses include: 53 villagers (aged 26-79), 10 ex-houseparents (out of whom 5 are officially in retirement but continue to be fully involved), 14 houseparents, 23 staff children and about 32 co-workers – 133 souls all in all!

To this are added 14 hired employees in the office and medical clinic, workshops, artistic activities and therapies, as well as a number of volunteers who come in on a regular basis to lend a hand in the maintenance group, workshops and seminar. Some village!

    The renovation of 'House One' was completed last summer and the surrounding grounds were planted towards autumn. The two family groups – Korenfeld and Shalem – are comfortably settled in, and – after two years of 'squeezing' – each of our devoted young co-workers can again have a separate room, with some extra rooms left for guests. This renewed building is the first one that is fully equipped for emergency situations and fits the latest standards of safety measures, as well as being advanced in energy saving and building materials quality.

    One change that has become more obvious this year is that while in the early years the mornings and afternoons were dedicated to work, gradually more and more therapeutic activities are offered to the villagers in those times: art, music, horse riding, group and

 individual eurhythmy, speech formation and drama, rhythmical massage, physiotherapy, animal therapy, and even acupuncture combined with coloured silk.

    Another gradual change that we see over the years is that while in the past most of the young volunteers joining us came from Europe, in recent years most co-workers come from Israel.  We are very grateful for the inter-cultural encounter and welcome more co-workers form abroad!

 Last summer we all had a moving experience as the drama group of villagers performed the play 'The Hunchback' for an audience of the villagers' families as well as for us. The essence of the story (that can be watched on the village website) speaks deeply to the soul of anybody who struggles with the challenge of imperfectness and limitation (in other words – all of us…). As to our winter gathering theme: after completing a 3 years journey from central Europe (Kaspar Hauser) via India (Gandhi and Krishna)) to Russia (Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Soloviov), we returned to Europe by studying the individualities of St. Germain and of St. F. of Assisi, with particular emphasis on their relation to nature and the four elements.

    Finally, the 'Neta Erez' Waldorf Education initiative, our 'young sister' that is so essential to our own future, has now for the first time a complete 12- class school program, as well as 4 kindergartens and two classes of teachers seminar. As ever, donations are very welcome here, for development projects as well as for the scholarship fund for low-income families.

 Warm greetings for 2017 from us all!

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