Workshops: Weavery l Agriculture l Bakery l Food l Estate l Cooking l Paper l Candles l Laundry


Each and every one's work and skills contribute to the natural and human environment. As skills develop, the individual's contribution grows. When the villagers clean their rooms, help prepare the meals, work in agriculture or in the workshops, they improve their skills and become vital partners in production and services as well as in the social life of our community.

The work placements are designed to fit the villager’s abilities, and enable them to learn and grow. Each villager’s contribution to work, service, and cultural life is essential. We make an effort to bring the various aspects of life into harmony, and to allow each individual to find his unique part in “Life’s symphony”. The therapeutic process aims at finding the unique contribution and expression of each community member, as well as finding the reflection of the whole community in each individual.

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