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                           Kfar Rafael in Numbers

The population of Kfar Rafael is comprised of 52 villagers aging from 25 to 78, 12 families with 20 children, and 30 young volunteers from Israel and abroad, about 120 people in total.

Kfar Rafael extends over an area of about 28 acres, 10 of which are designated for residences and 18 for agriculture.

In the Residential Area, 9 extended family units were constructed in 5 buildings. In addition, a central heating unit for the entire village was built, along with 4 buildings for workshops, housing the laundry, bakery, garage, carpentry, weavery, food warehouse and a cooling room. Later on a central building including a small hall, an office, a clinic and living quarters for volunteers were added. Altogether 5,200 square meters have been built, 4,200 for residences and 1,000 for workshops and service facilities.

In the Agricultural Area of 18 acres, 10 are being intensively cultivated. The main crops are almonds, apricots, olives, avocado, figs, citrus, a vineyard and a vegetable garden.


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