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The initiative for establishing Kfar Rafael (“Village of the archangel Rafael”) came about when a group of parents of children with special needs, who sheltered in Beit Eliahu (“house of Elijah”), an anthroposhophical institution in Be’er sheva, began to consider future placement for their children. They were encouraged by the founder and manager of Beit Eliahu, Ruth Mosimann, who had trained as a curative educator in Ravenswood, England, under the guidance of Fried Geuter.

The first step took place when 3 families, who were connected to Beit Eliyahu and had an alliance to anthroposophy decided to prepare by training themselves towards the establishment of Kfar Rafael. Being the first initiative of its kind in Israel, the founders took on their training mainly in Switzerland and in Ireland.

It was quite difficult to find the land for the establishment of such a village: suitable grounds were not approved by the authorities, mainly due to neighbors’ reservations. Only in 1978, with the help of the Israeli welfare ministry was the current location found. In 1979 Mrs. Henrietta Polack, a Dutch Jewish lady who had lost her whole family in the Holocaust, passed away and willed her assets for the founding of Kfar Rafael.

And so on the 4th of April 1979, the foundation stone was laid. Many friends and representatives of the authorities participated in the ceremony and shared their wide support, a support essential to the existence of Kfar Rafael and for which we are indebted. Nevertheless, the atrocious sand storm which accompanied the whole foundation stone ceremony, had given us an idea of the coming struggle with the desert, that threatens both outer and inner life. To start with, we need enlivening water, which is valuable and rare. Be’er Sheva, the city of seven wells, reminds us of Abraham’s wells which were blocked by the one-sided intellectual development, wells which we wish to re-open through spiritual science.

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