Welcome to kfar Rafael remedial community!

Kfar Rafael is a Remedial Community located in the south of Israel. In our community, adults with special needs live together with foster families and their children, as well as young volunteers from both Israel and abroad. The community is centered on the care for the well-being and development of the residents (“villagers”), and aims to serve their complex and changing needs while allowing each individual to integrate in a rich and full social environment.

Special Beethoven

Every week the village orchestra is meeting for an hour of music: Listening, singing, playing and improvising. Throughout the year we have worked with Beethoven's 9th symphony - Choral. The piece was arranged for bells (tone chimes) chime bars, melodica, recorder and borun lyres. Towards the end of the year the staff children and young co-workers joined with strings instruments, along with the choir, and finally with the entire Kfar Rafael community. For BIG SCREEN press here.

Yearly Letter 2015

News from the village!


Wish to join our community? Young people from Israel and abroad can come for a gap year or civil service.

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